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This is a demo store, you can preorder the real DockPlus over at

No longer do you need to buy separate charging docks for your iPhone and iPad. Dock+ works with all Apple Lightning devices, and eventually we'll launch a Micro USB version of Dock+ for Samsung Galaxy and Amazon Kindle. Visit for more info.

Are you happy with your charging cable?

You probably haven’t given much thought to how you charge your iPhone. But are you truly happy with that charging cable you use. every. single. day? We’ve got a better way to charge your iPhone 5, and so much more. We call it Dock+

The first dock designed specifically for iPhone 5, iPad and all of Apple's new devices.

Rumor has it that Apple isn't making a charging dock for the iPhone 5 or new iPads. So we are instead. Dock+ was designed to work perfectly with the iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini and iPod touch.

Easy on. Easy Off.

We're always plugging and unplugging our iPhones, so we wanted to make this process quick and easy. With Dock+, it's also surprisingly gratifying to dock and undock your iPhone. Just watch our video to see what we mean!

Solid steel. Doesn't tip, wobble or slide.

 Dock+ is machined from a single block of steel, a material 3.6x more dense than aluminum. That means it doesn’t tip or wobble as you use or dock your iPhone. And with non-slip rubber bottom, it doesn't slide. Your iPhone 5 just feels safe and secure. 

Protects iPhone 5 from scratches & scuffs.

iPhone 5 is particularly easy to scratch and scuff on its back surface. With Dock+, your iPhone only touches the soft rubber pad, so you can be sure it won’t damage or scuff. 

Does your iPhone or iPad wear a case? No problem!

Each Dock+ ships with 2 soft rubber pads of different thickness. Choose the one that gives you the desired feel for your device, or remove the pad completely for very thick cases like the Otterbox™ Defender. Dock+ is also compatible with the iPad Smart Covers™, with no modifications whatsoever.

 “Sports car” surface finish just looks amazing.

We finish it with the same exact process used to paint and surface sports cars. The result is an incredibly resilient, smooth, glossy finish that compliments your iPhone 5 of either color.

 Choose from Black, White or "Kickstarter Edition" Raw Steel

 Glossy Black or Glossy White both look amazing with both colors of iPhone 5.  And to celebrate this product's simple origins as a block of solid steel, we're offering a limited edition Raw Steel for our kickstarter backers. Each Raw Steel Dock+ will be individually hand-stamped with a unique, incrementing serial number, in the order the docks are made.